Find a unique tool for the kitchen or a whimsical gourmet gift for a friend

A historic coal mining town surrounded by a dense forest backdrop sets the stage for a visit to the kitchensink store located in Roslyn, Washington.

kitchensink offers the latest tabletop decor, aromatherapy cleaning products, cookware, bakeware, innovative kitchen gadgetry and a boutique selection of Washington wines.

Check out the cheese vault for grab and go foods to serve at your next picnic, campfire or cocktail party. Sip and shop as you enjoy complimentary wine tasting while perusing kitchensink’s array of wonderful things for cooking and entertaining. It’s a great place to find a unique tool for the kitchen, a whimsical gourmet gift for a friend or a fantastic bottle of wine for yourself.

kitchensink resides in an old bank building across from the famous Brick tavern on Roslyn’s Pennsylvania Avenue. Whether you visit Roslyn to take a step back in time or jump into the great outdoors, you won’t want to miss a stop at kitchensink.

Lodging in Roslyn

Besides being a historic coal mining town, Roslyn is the gateway to the alpine wilderness and the perfect escape from suburbia, the big city, the Costco parking lot or same-story-different-day-itus. But sometimes a day is simply not enough time to completely unwind, so why not spend a night or two? Here are some suggestions for local lodging in town:

Spruce Moose 509.554.2966

Huckleberry House 509.649.2900

Mountain Mermaid 509.674.6185