Don’t Eat Ice Cream Without One of These!

When I was growing up, Sunday evening was designated TV and special snack night. We’d hunker down to watch The Wonderful World of Disney and my mom would make a great dessert, or buttery popcorn. or, my favorite, bowls of ice cream.

What I remember about eating ice cream is that my sisters and I would search our silverware drawer for a weird spoon to eat it with. This didn’t happen with any other food. Puddings or custards were eaten with a regular spoon. But with ice cream, it was necessary to use something unique: the souvenir spoon with an enameled Canadian flag, a hot pink, curvy, plastic elephant-shaped spoon, a pewter Scandinavian jam spoon, or Grandma’s silver, scalloped-edge sugar spoon.

Was it because we suddenly had freedom to chose? We weren’t seated at the dinner table forced to choose from the matching place setting laid out for us.

Grab your spoons sisters! Let’s sit on the floor in front of the telly and eat sweets in our jammies! Throw caution to wind! Let’s get crazy and use an odd shaped eating utensil! It was the 60s and we were letting our freak flags fly baby!

Even my daughter eats ice cream with an oddly shaped spoon. I didn’t suggest it, she just started on her own, so apparently it is programed in our DNA.

What exactly makes a spoon an “ice cream spoon”? In my world, it’s the odd shape – and the weirder the better, but scientifically speaking, an ice cream spoon is angled to effectively scrape off curls of ice cream or cut into the scoop, then scour the bowl to get every drop. (That’s what tongues and dogs are for, so I really like my description better.)

Today, I sell ice cream spoons at my store, kitchensink. They’re available in sets of 4 or individually so you can start your own multi-shaped, ice cream spoon collection.

Don’t deny your genetic predisposition – loosen up and come get your very own ice cream spoons today!

See you soon,

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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