A Devilish Discovery: Unpack with the Scullery Maid

The unpacking continues…more white dishes have emerged from the shipping boxes in the shape of porcelain Deviled Egg Dishes.

Watch out! Deviled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs in general, are slick little critters. This dish controls their roly-poly-slippy-slidy behavior by corralling each egg into its own private divot.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering why they are called “deviled” eggs?

According to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, the term goes back to the 1700s and refers to the heat associated with hell and satan. In terms of the classic deviled egg recipe, this correlates to the spiciness of the dry mustard, cayenne or paprika.

For my taste, deviled eggs are far from hot, but keep in mind, back then people hadn’t been exposed to Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce. I have seen deviled egg recipes calling for wasabi; this might bring their heat up to a devilish level.

Deviled egg making is a labor of love requiring a fair amount of handwork. The eggs must be boiled to perfection. Heaven forbid a crack forms developing an unsightly, bulbous alien of egg white hanging from its side. Or that your guests are exposed to the sulfuric gaseousness of an overcooked egg. Once cooked, cooled and peeled, each egg must be sliced lengthwise, then the yolk carefully removed and combined with other ingredients to create a flavorful filling. Finally, the tedious task of refilling each egg white half takes place, after which this fabulous platter would be a godsend to hold each delicate demi-oeuf in place.

The Deviled Egg Dish could also be used to serve other individual bites. For example, oysters-on-the-half shell or blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon would show off nicely in its crevices.

I considered stocking a different egg container. It was a white, porcelain egg crate shaped like the typical store packaging of a dozen eggs. They are great for holding whole eggs, but also touted for use with deviled eggs. What? Yes. It’s true. However, you’d need to halve them width-wise instead of lengthwise. The skinny way instead of the wide way. Does that make sense? The direction of the cutting I mean. Wait…is it vertical vs horizontal?

Well, let’s not dwell on this. The top of an egg to me may not be the top of an egg to you. Suffice it to say that, for me, it totally does NOT make sense to fashion a deviled egg in that manner. One half of the egg is going to be all white and the other all yolk…unless you scooped out part of the white from the all-white half to make room for filling. This would take far more strategy than I am willing to put into an egg appetizer. Admittedly, it’s a novel approach, but I’m a traditionalist, which is why I only stock this Deviled Egg Dish at kitchensink, where I’m always happy to think things through for you.

Now, I’m off to unpack more wonders.

See you soon,

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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