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The Scullery Maid Veers Off – Episode 3 Ruminating

Ruminate: to think deeply about something, contemplate, consider, meditate on, muse on, mull over, ponder on/over, deliberate about/on, chew on, puzzle over. I was actively drinking at this time last year. Autumn is my favorite season and I love hanging out in the yard (rain or shine) from about 5 to 6 in the evening, throwing […]

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The Scullery Maid Veers Off – Episode 1 What Would Happen…

One way or another you are subscribed to the kitchensink newsletter. Do you remember? It’s the fantastic email from the kitchensink store in beautiful Roslyn, Washington that’s chocked full of informative nuggets like: newly arriving kitchen gadgets, wines featured for sampling, activities in and around Roslyn, hands-on product testing, an occasional recipe and periodic bits of […]

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Don’t Eat Ice Cream Without One of These!

When I was growing up, Sunday evening was designated TV and special snack night. We’d hunker down to watch The Wonderful World of Disney and my mom would make a great dessert, or buttery popcorn. or, my favorite, bowls of ice cream. What I remember about eating ice cream is that my sisters and I […]

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A Devilish Discovery: Unpack with the Scullery Maid

The unpacking continues…more white dishes have emerged from the shipping boxes in the shape of porcelain Deviled Egg Dishes. Watch out! Deviled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs in general, are slick little critters. This dish controls their roly-poly-slippy-slidy behavior by corralling each egg into its own private divot. Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering why they are […]

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Welcome: The Perfect Press

According to conversations at kitchensink, the most loved and hated ingredient in recipes is garlic. The complaints against garlic are: difficulty removing the papery skin, overall stickiness, and smelly hands. “First World Problems” to be sure, but people tend to avoid using garlic because of them or choosing the pre-chopped jar variety or, worse still, dried. Nothing beats […]

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