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Hand-made flour sack towels

Everyone’s favorite, super-absorbent, lint-free kitchen towels have arrived! Painstakingly hand painted by the head scullery maid, these little darlings are available in limited quantities. This weekend you’ll find a fresh batch adorned with carrots, radishes and cherry tomatoes. Exclusively designed for kitchensink. kitchensink is located at 100 e pennsylvania ave in the historic town of roslyn, washington. Contact via […]

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Get Ready Cuz Here It Comes

This summer, I tended a vegetable garden that consisted of one cherry tomato plant and a pot of chives. Needless to say, there was no bounty. My root cellar is not stocked with my harvest. My freezer is void of any zip-locked bags dated and labelled for future use. Instead there’s a bag of fish guts waiting […]

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Driving with Candles

Candles? In the car? It’s true! But in this case they were in my old Chevy truck. And to my delight, the pleasant commute between Issaquah and Roslyn was made even more enjoyable. I was sitting in the driver’s seat marveling at the beautiful mountains, trees and the shiny black SUV tailgating me much too […]

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Rock, Paper…

Who took my sewing scissors? Where are the scissors from my craft table?  Why can’t I ever find any scissors in this office? If you’re tired of being harassed about the whereabouts of your family’s scissors, it’s time to get you own pair to keep in the kitchen. From opening hermetically sealed packages of bacon […]

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What A Mesh!

The fine mesh is the key to the multi-tasking abilities of these little beauties. Berries, rice or tiny grains of quinoa can be rinsed to your hearts content without losing a bit, while flour and powdered sugar sift through like a charm! Ours is hung handily on the kitchen wall so my daughter can grab […]

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There she sits, misshapen, dinged, and scratched, with pancake stuck in her crevices and creases. I had just unpacked a box of spanking new products for my store and I held her replacement reverently in my hand. Its silicone is bright and flawless. The new-and-improved design includes a cool to touch silicone handle which will remedy the all to […]

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