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A Devilish Discovery: Unpack with the Scullery Maid

The unpacking continues…more white dishes have emerged from the shipping boxes in the shape of porcelain Deviled Egg Dishes. Watch out! Deviled eggs, or hard-boiled eggs in general, are slick little critters. This dish controls their roly-poly-slippy-slidy behavior by corralling each egg into its own private divot. Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering why they are […]

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Welcome: The Perfect Press

According to conversations at kitchensink, the most loved and hated ingredient in recipes is garlic. The complaints against garlic are: difficulty removing the papery skin, overall stickiness, and smelly hands. “First World Problems” to be sure, but people tend to avoid using garlic because of them or choosing the pre-chopped jar variety or, worse still, dried. Nothing beats […]

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I grew up in the 60s. Back then, my mom was a swinger…a salad swinger. She’d swaddle a head of rinsed lettuce in a kitchen towel, head for the back porch and swing it in windmill-like fashion. She’d really get some speed on it, building enough centrifical force to propel water off into space or dislocate a shoulder. Occasionally […]

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VEGGIEPOLOOZA! A Product Test and Recipe #4

I’m taking a break from spiralizing because…I’m choppin’ broccolee. I’m choppin’ broccolay. For those of you who don’t remember Dana Carvey performing this on Saturday Night Live in the mid-80s be sure to click on the link to refresh your memory (or create a new one). It shows him singing the broccoli song on the Jimmy Fallon Show with an […]

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WARNING! You may get bored of this board.

This weekend only! SATURDAY AND SUNDAY (December 3rd/4th) the first ten customers to come in and mention they saw this post will get a FREE Epicurean Cutting Board! And for VIP members get 25% off all Epicurean boards 12/3 & 12/4. NOT a VIP member? Text the word SINK to the number 33433 and, BOOM! you’re in! You’re probably […]

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Product Test #15 Blue Lotus Chai Tea

On a recent rainy day, I received an order of Blue Lotus Chai tea for kitchensink. This is a new product and I had yet to taste it. The order was for 1/2 oz packets each yielding 17 cups of tea. Expecting them to  contain 17 tea bags, I was surprised that the packets weren’t bulkier…what exactly was inside […]

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