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Product Test #7 – Spiralizer

For those of you who live in a cave without internet or the food channel, here, in my own words, is the definition of spiralizing: (verb) spiralizing:  a method of transforming fruits and vegetables into strands, ribbons and curls. These shapes are most often used as a substitute for pasta. The resulting foodstuff is a unique way to add more […]

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Product Test #6 – Garlic, This Way and That

Oh my gosh! Look at this! she declared while triumphantly waving a whole garlic clove impaled on the end of her fork. We all admired it as if she’d found a pearl in an oyster, then she popped it in her mouth, swooned with delight at its creamy deliciousness and dove back into the plate of garlic truffle fries to find another. […]

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