Driving with Candles

Candles? In the car?

It’s true!

But in this case they were in my old Chevy truck. And to my delight, the pleasant commute between Issaquah and Roslyn was made even more enjoyable.

I was sitting in the driver’s seat marveling at the beautiful mountains, trees and the shiny black SUV tailgating me much too closely, when suddenly I was distracted by the sweet, tart fyragrance of gooseberry. Shortly thereafter it was the scent of earthy fig that calmed my nerves as I tightly clenched the steering wheel while maneuvering through the lane closures, teetering semis and unevenly patched asphalt across Snoqualmie Pass. Finally, a zesty note of white grapefruit blossom kept me from losing my cool as I passed the 5th RV going 45 MPH.

Once I arrived at the charming kitchensink shop at 102 E. Pennsylvania in the historic mountain town of Roslyn, I carried the box of candles inside and put them on display for customers to enjoy.

Whether in the car (unlit) or spreading their golden candlelight on your coffee table, these soy candles are like a breath of fresh air…on a gooseberry, fig or white grapefruit farm.

kitchensink is located at 100 e pennsylvania ave in the historic town of roslyn, washington.

Contact via phone 425.443.4788 or email kitchensinkroslyn AT mac.com

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