Product test #10 – Stripper of the Corn

Megan! Megan! LOOK! Oh my gosh, this would be perfect! exclaimed a woman as she cradled the golden topped cylinder.

Oh Mom! That’s so awesome! replied Megan, her braces sparkling as she smiled.

The two rushed excitedly toward me with the gadget.

This is just what we need! My daughter loves fresh corn, but with her braces it’s been impossible to eat it on-the-cob. How exactly does it work? 

Well, I said, you just put your ear of corn in here…no, wait, you would have to put it in this way, and then push it down through…no that’s doesn’t work. This part must hold it and then you just, hhhmmmm, well, to be honest I’m not sure exactly because I’VE NEVER TRIED IT.

UGH. What a lame answer! And I call myself a kitchen shop owner? Megan and her mom bought one that day, but I always wondered if worked for them. Did the corn stripper fail miserably leaving Megan to weep at the dining table over her bowl of canned corn, while everyone else enjoyed fresh corn?

It’s time to find out. Like Megan, I too love me some fresh corn-on or off-the-cob, but when a recipe calls to take it off, I cringe. With knife in hand, the corn and juice flies everywhere and I don’t think I do a thorough job of removing the kernels. The thought of a gadget that envelopes the projecting kernels while quickly removing them intrigues me.

The Corn Stripper by RSVP $22

corn 1

I choose a small and large corn cob to see if the corn stripper worked on various sizes. I also cooked one and left the other raw to see if that made any difference.

corn 2

The bottom of the cylinder has teeth and prongs to hold the ear in place.

corn 3

You pop in the ear of corn (I started with the smaller, raw one), place the top on and…

corn 8…insert the serrated plunger, and…

corn 4

YES! Success!

corn 5

There’s a separate plunger to push the de-kerneled cob out of the serrated plunger.

The larger, cooked cob worked equally as well.

corn 7

Results: The RSVP Corn Stripper worked brilliantly.

I know this sounds corny but I will sleep better tonight knowing that Megan was able to enjoy fresh corn-off-the-cob thanks to this helpful tool.

corn finale

See you soon at kitchensink,

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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