Product Test #5 – Spit & Polish by Murchison-Hume

Did you just wipe my face with your spit?

I can still see the expression of disgust on my daughter’s face and remember her words of shock and awe.

me: yes, you had ice cream on the corner of your mouth.
daughter: why would you do that?
me: i’m your mom. i got your back. if i had ice cream on my face, i’d hope you’d do the same. and you still have some on there (reaching toward her to DO IT AGAIN!)
daughter: MOM! STOP! that’s weird! So, you’d want me to wipe your face with my spit, like this? (licks fingers and lunges at my face.)

She was right. How gross is that instinctual mommy habit? I didn’t even think about what I was doing, just leaned in with a thumb covered with spit. I still catch myself wanting to do it. But at least I didn’t clean her face with my tongue like my cats do to each other.

OR, I could have given her a little spritz with Murchison-Hume’s Spit & Polish stainless steel cleaner, because this stuff is fantastic!
spit 1Several kitchensink customers have commented that Spit & Polish is the best stainless steel cleaner they’ve used and come back to buy more.

I concur.

I use it on my fridge, stove, microwave, faucets, shower jets, AND it works fabulously on wood.




It easily whisks away fingerprints and grime and leaves behind a luminous glow. I’ve tried some in the past that you had to work with very quickly or was very fussy as to how wet or dry your cloth was, but this one just works all the time.

spit 1a

BEFORE Spit & Polish


spit 5

AFTER Spit & Polish

Murchison-Hume says: This silicone-free stainless steel cleaner makes short work of greasy marks & fingerprints and actively protects surfaces from oxidation. Cleans & polishes without leaving behind oily residue. Regular use protects your stainless surfaces from oxidation.

Appliances, Fixtures, Tea Kettles, Bread Boxes, Trash Bins, Flatware, Canisters, Grills.
Shake well and spray onto a dry, lint-free cloth. Rub onto your stainless surface, then buff until dry and admire your reflection.
Use on your stone and wood surfaces too! Our nourishing formula protects and polishes unsealed surfaces.

Spit & Polish is available at kitchensink in Australian White Grapefruit or Fragrance Free. It doesn’t contain spit or harsh chemicals, so it’s safe to use around plants, pets and children who might have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ on their faces…



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