Rock, Paper…

Who took my sewing scissors?

Where are the scissors from my craft table? 

Why can’t I ever find any scissors in this office?

If you’re tired of being harassed about the whereabouts of your family’s scissors, it’s time to get you own pair to keep in the kitchen.

From opening hermetically sealed packages of bacon to turning canned tomatoes from whole to diced, these handsome shears are up to the task, PLUS they can open bottles (see that round spot in the center) AND they’re sturdy enough to cut through chicken bones. In addition, they come apart for easy sharpening.

Not interested in all that carnage?

Then perhaps these handy herb snips are more your style.

Green onions, parsley, basil, and dill don’t stand a chance with a multi-blade design that attacks like a Samurai on steroids.

It’s time to put the toenail trimming scissors back where they belong and pick up a pair exclusively for your kitchen today! Or next week when kitchensink opens.

kitchensink is located at 100 e pennsylvania ave in the historic town of roslyn, washington.

Contact via phone 425.443.4788 or email kitchensinkroslyn AT


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