Scullery Maid’s Valentine Gift List

Kitchenware seldom makes the list for great romantic gifts. Apparently, a stock pot implies “start simmering sweetheart” and a handy gadget says “your less than stellar cooking would be vastly improved upon if you use this”.

I disagree. Here are items found at kitchensink that I would be delighted to receive on Valentine’s Day:

CALDREA DISH SOAP Make mine Ginger-Pomelo, please and thank you. I’ll raise my hand high and volunteer to wash dishes when I have this grapefruit, ginger, basil, rosey fragrance wafting up from the sink. Its all-natural ingredients make it suitable for bubble bath and kicks it up a notch on the romance rating. Match it up with a Caldrea hand lotion and a hand-stamped dish towel to complete the set.


GARLIC TWIST A perfect tool for chopping this much-loved aphrodisiac. Long ago, Tibetan monks were forbidden to enter the monastery if they had been eating garlic as it was known to stir up passions.  Add some chocolate and oysters and I’d say you have quite a romantic gift ensemble.

Or consider a practical gift with a romantic hidden message:

  • WHISKS “Prepare to be whisked away to dinner.”
  • WHISTLING TEA KETTLE “You’re hot.”
  • PEPPER MILL “Let’s get grinding.”
  • CHEESE GRATER “You’re great!”
  • MIXING BOWL WITH SPATULA “Let’s stir things up.”

The list goes on and on! So come by kitchensink for your Valentine’s Day shopping needs.

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

100 E Pennsylvania Ave  |  Roslyn, Washington

Thursday and Sunday 11 to 4  | Friday and Saturday 11 to 6

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