VEGGIEPALOOZA BEGINS! Spiralizing for the Weak (I mean week.)

Two sweet potatoes into the mass peeling and I’m worried I may have bit off more than I can chew. (No pun intended.) In an effort to eat more veggies and dine out less, I have plunged head first into a week long Spiralized Meal Plan: six dinners plus six lunches of leftovers. And now, I’m remembering that my husband doesn’t like sweet potatoes unless I hide them.

Peeled sweet potatoes

I’m hoping the rest of the ingredients in the recipes will mask their presence as I power through the remaining six spuds: peeling, spiraling and labeling containers for use later this week.

Looking over the sea of rutabagas and parsnips waiting their turn, I think, ugh, parsnips? What was I thinking? 

Parsnips and rutabagas – yummy!

And, isn’t there one meal that uses cauliflower as the main ingredient? Served on a bed of rutabaga? Mr. Sutter won’t be happy with that. Maybe I’ll order a veggie pizza that night, just in case…NO! NO TAKE OUT! NO RESTAURANT MEALS UNTIL SATURDAY! (grrrrrrrr…Deep breath. I can do this.)

Now where was I? Ah yes, for ease and joy, this Spiralized Meal Plan instructs to prep almost every recipe in advance. I’ve always loved the idea of spending one day cooking for the entire week. Sadly, I’ve run out of storage containers, but since I don’t have a busy week coming up, I’m happy to just get all the veggies prepped.

Pre-spiralized sweet potatoes

I’m more apt to cook the meal if I have a container of spiralized rutabaga rather than a few of the little varmints rolling around the produce drawer.

It’s the first week of 2017. I am committed to eat through this entire spiralized meal plan…especially since I now have a fridge stocked with strands of organic veggies. Make no mistake, I’ll reevaluate at the end of the week. Then, I may change it up a bit. I’m not opposed to simply eating big, fresh salads, vegetarian chili or a pile of broccoli mixed in with a few of our favorite spiralized recipes.

Zucchini, rutabaga, sweet potato and parsnips. I’m short on ziploc bags & air tight containers, hence the Christmas jar…

And speaking of a stocked fridge, YIKES! veggies take up a lot of room. Luckily it’s cold enough outside to move beverages out in a cooler, but I may have to devise a root cellar soon. I certainly don’t want to crush the kale or squish the squash. I LOVE VEGGIES! Sweet darlings. It’s going to be ok.

I’ll let you know how the first recipe turns out tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t forget that Spiralizers are on sale at kitchensink – 25% off! (50% off for VIP Text Club Members).

Happy New Year!

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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