Summer Gardening with the Scullery Maid: White Bowls & Cardboard Boxes

Instead of bright zinnias and marigolds adorning my front yard, I’ve got a pile of eight huge, cardboard boxes of inventory sitting in the driveway outside my house in North Bend. They’ve been delivered at various times over the past two weeks. I’ve covered them with a gigantic, discolored tarp to protect them from the weather and secured it from blowing away with a couple broken, wood pallets, which makes a less than welcoming curbside appeal.

There used to be fourteen boxes, so, to my credit, I’ve already schlepped six up to kitchensink and filled shelves with new inventory. I’m getting the store stocked up for the summer, but I can only do so much, as is evident from the lack of posts on my blog.

Like a foot file on winter feet, I’ve been busy working through some rough spots in my life. I’m not hoping for smooth, pedicured perfection. I’m just trying to remove the thick layer of skin that has built up to uncover my true…foot/self. Well, this analogy is making me uncomfortable in my flip flops, so let’s switch our attention back to the boxes.

In an effort to get back to writing, I devised an assignment for myself: open each box and write about whatever comes out. So, welcome to a blog about: White Bowls.

The beauty of a white bowl (and you can certainly apply this to plates, platters, mugs, etcetera) is that they mix and match with other patterned or solid color dinnerware. Plus, they make a nice blank canvas for whatever is served in or on them. With no flowers, stripes, checks or colors to compete with, Skittles, green salad, pasta puttanesca pop dramatically when served in a simple, white bowl.

I think the round, chubby shape of these bowls are perfect. Filled with ice cream, they nestle nicely in your cupped hand while watching binge watching Netflix. They are deep enough to cradle a big serving of quinoa tabouli or black bean chili and they’re a nice size for leftovers.

Microwavable and dishwasher safe, these beauties are an indispensable basic.

Now, I’m going to get back to unpacking. I’ll let you know what I unearth.

See you soon,

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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