The Scullery Maid Veers Off – Episode 6 Not Drinking Whilst Traveling

Holy cow. I could write a novel about why I am excited for my first trip NOT drinking and at the same time terrified about it. Well, maybe terrified is too strong of a word. It’s just three days at the ocean for goodness sake.

My last trip to the ocean was less than a year ago, and I brought along a fifth of vodka and a couple six packs of cider knowing we’d also be going out for drinks and dinners during our three night stay. My travelmate brought the equivalent of her beverages of choice, so this was all for me.

I’ve always had alcohol in the room, alcohol on the road, alcohol on the plane, alcohol at the airport, alcohol in the pub, alcohol in the restaurant, alcohol by the pool, alcohol on the deck, alcohol on the beach, alcohol in the tent, alcohol in the woods…kinda see a theme there.

Today, besides the mandatory junky car snacks, I’ve got some sparkling water, kombucha and watermelon juice. More importantly, I have a clear mind, an open heart, a presence of self in the moment, not thinking about that next drink.

I used to tell myself that drinking is an escape, drinking is fun, drinking is relaxing. But that is what getaways are, so why did I need to drink? I don’t! I simply don’t. I’m going to breathe in the sea air and be present in the moments. I don’t need to escape me or the sea.

My husband is cleaning out the car to make room for the dog and our pillows and suitcase and no booze (geez that will save some space) so I better get packing.

Crap. I’m going to the ocean this weekend without booze. I got this.

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