Tips for a Panic-Free Thanksgiving: Volume Two

Aside from breathing meditations and earplugs, there are tons of gadgets and accoutrements available at kitchensink to help you host(ess) a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few more ideas that will help make this feast as well as any dinner party run smoother:

thanks-scissorsScissors: I’ve written about the beauty of kitchen shears before and Thanksgiving is a good time to review their usefulness. Just dealing with a packaged turkey is reason enough to have a pair on hand: use to release the bird from its hermetically sealed bondage, open the bloody packet of giblets, remove odd bits of skin and whatnot and cut cooking twine to rebind the legs and wrap the wings tightly (I don’t do this but I know some of you do). There’s more: trimming flower stems, opening a stubborn bag of coffee, threatening guests who won’t stop talking about politics and snipping herbs. The list goes on and on. Trust me. Throughout the day, you’ll be reaching for your scissors or kicking yourself for not having a pair.

To-Go-Containers by Simply Baked Do you really want all that stuffing, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and turkey for your ownself?

Simply Baked kitchensink roslyn

Simply Baked To-Go Containers

No! It’s the season for sharing carbohydrates, and having a stack of Simply Baked containers handy makes it simple to send food home with family and friends. They keeps things neat, tidy and easy to transport.

I had a customer tell me that she thinks her guests are leaving food on their plates purposely to get one of these sweet little containers filled with lunch for the next day. Not to mention, they are great for holiday gift giving. Fill with cookies, candies or breads, tie with a little ribbon…boom! Done.


Drinks for the Teetotalers kitchensink is filled to the rafters with fantastic wine and hard cider, but don’t make your non-drinking guests resort to water or soda pop. rgbboI highly recommend Rachel’s Ginger Beer. It’s made in Seattle, but up here in the mountains, you’ll find two fantastic flavors: original and blood orange. Both are spectacular and lovely served on the rocks or in a wine glass. Not to mention, RGB is excellent in mixed drinks.

Hostess Gift Scullery Set And finally, if you’re a guest in someone else’s house, don’t forget the hostess. Even though she’s smiling on the outside, inside her mascara is running and there’s a bit of mashed potato in her hair.

Making Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work and it not for the faint of heart. Bring along a hostess gift that is very near and dear to my heart: The kitchensink Scullery Set. Inside you’ll find a bottle of Caldrea aromatherapy dish soap, a natural bristle pot brush and a hand-painted flour sack dish towel created by myself and fellow scullery maids. The Scullery Sets will be offered exclusively at kitchensink and are arriving in the store on Saturday November 19th. After Thanksgiving, I’ll put up a link for online ordering as well.


kitchensink scullery set

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