I COULD EAT THIS EVERY DAY! The second recipe from the Inspiralized Meal Plan for Bikini Bolognese was spot on, as is, no adjustments needed.

Mr. Sutter said, “It’s ok“.

WHAAAT?!? How could he not LOVE this? I admit, I had my doubts at first: an Italian-style, ground chicken, veggie-filled sauce served over roasted rutabaga noodles?  But now, I’m a believer. Roasted rutabaga noodles are my new favorite. I like the texture and mild flavor more than the sweet potato and they aren’t the least bit watery like zucchini can be.

Click HERE for the recipe and gorgeous picture from the Inspiralized website. It shows it with zucchini noodles but in the meal plan it calls for rutabaga. And I’m so glad it did. I doubled the recipe for lunch leftovers, but there wasn’t quite enough rutabaga noodles, so I put the Bolognese on leftover sweet potato noodles with kale from the previous recipe.

Bikini Bolognese meets Sweet Potato Noodles with Kale

And still, it was glorious. Eat your veggies my people.

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