VEGGIEPOLOOZA! A Product Test and Recipe #4

I’m taking a break from spiralizing because…I’m choppin’ broccolee. I’m choppin’ broccolay. For those of you who don’t remember Dana Carvey performing this on Saturday Night Live in the mid-80s be sure to click on the link to refresh your memory (or create a new one). It shows him singing the broccoli song on the Jimmy Fallon Show with an orchestra. What can be better than that? Double Broccoli Quinoa, that’s what.

Just so you know, I could be a spokeswoman for the American Broccoli Council. That’s how much I love this cruciferous vegetable. Health benefits? Oh, girl you know it. Vitamins K, C and wide array of B’s; plus fiber, iron and protein. And don’t get me started on the anti-inflammatory effects of sulfur! Obviously, I’m going off topic. I’m here to chop!

We all know a sharp knife makes chopping (slicing, dicing, etc.) much more enjoyable, so I decided to test out the Aladdin Knife Sharpener (AKS). This little guy comes with a little screw to  simply attach to the inside of a cabinet.

Easy to “install”.

Then run your knife through 2 or 3 times.

To be honest, I thought it was a hand-held knife sharpener until I heard some customers figuring out the best cupboard door to attach it to. I would have opened the package, wondered where the heck the screw came from, then cut my hand in half, so once again my eavesdropping has saved me.

Now back to the broccoli recipe, and this is where my story goes awry because I DON’T want this broccoli chopped. The recipe calls for five cups of florets!

Five cups of broccoli florets. Leave them alone!

There I was with a sharp knife and Dana Carvey’s Choppin’ Broccoli song blasting on YouTube, so I had to think quickly. I peeled the broccoli stems and chopped them up. Easy. Then, I looked frantically around the kitchen for more proof that this knife was sufficiently sharp. Tomatoes. I sliced through them like butter.

The verdict? The Head Scullery Maid gives a thumbs up to the Aladdin Knife Sharpener and only $10!

Now back to the Double Broccoli Quinoa. Basically you make a pesto using broccoli instead of basil and put it in and on cooked quinoa tossed with more broccoli then gussy it up with some great optional garnishes that should mandatory. A few tips from the Head Scullery Maid:

  • I steam the broccoli for four minutes, which is recommended by the World’s Healthiest Foods website. Less is best when it comes to preserving the nutrients in broccoli, but I need more than 1 minute as instructed in this recipe.
  • If you’re out of almonds, use walnuts, pine nuts or even a combo.
  • The broccoli pesto and fire oil are fantastic and you will have leftovers. I stirred a bit of both into canned minestrone soup for lunch and it took it to a new level. Try them on a baked potato, frittata, or some spiralized zucchini.
  • For me, the optional fire oil, feta, avocado are mandatory. It’s an amazing combo. Don’t skip them.

The recipe for Double Broccoli Quinoa is HERE along with beautiful pictures. My own photos turned out badly and would not do justice to such an awe-inspiring vegetable.

Come in and check out the Aladdin Knife Sharpener at kitchensink. And VIP Text Club members get 25% off knives this weekend JOIN HERE.

Now off you go to chop broccoli or something equally as nutritious and I’ll see you soon at kitchensink,

Kevi Sutter

Head Scullery Maid

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