VEGGIEPOLOOZA: Recipe #1 of an Exciting Week of Eating More Veggies with Me.

If you saw all the Pork and Garlic Kale with Sweet Potato Noodle pictures I have on my phone right now, you’d think I was a nut. It was just too dark in my kitchen to get a good light on the dish…but I will tell you that we gobbled it up. I reheated the leftovers for lunch with a little parmesan addition.

Pork with Garlic Kale and Sweet Potato Noodles

My only complaint is that the noodles had a bit too much al dente stickiness, but I’m concerned there is a fine line on the timing before they overcook to mush-mash. I’m going to experiment with it and you can too! Here is the recipe with a much better picture (I think she either using a different variety of sweet potato because her orange pops!). RECIPE HERE

Another veggie-full dinner to come tonight! 

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